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Kaos (3 Legs)

This is Kaos, he is a SHCGB Welfare boy that we fostered 5 years ago and he has never left. He is a firm part of the Wrecker household who has quite a character and can normally be found woofing for food and attention. He is a regular of the rally circuit, not running but being pushed about in his pushchair. The reason for this is because Kaos only has three legs.


Kaos came to us with four legs but had an infection and lots of issues that one of his front legs had to be amputated. He has done a great job with his three legs getting around up until the last few months. Sadly over a period of 3-4 weeks we went back and forth to the vets because the paw/carpus in Kaos’ front leg was constantly dislocating. We tried everything including a cast and it appeared the only option was to get an orthpaedic brace specially made. Kaos had a cast made; this with photo’s was sent to Denver, Colorado and the orthpaedic brace was made.


This was not a cheap option and we thought long and hard about what is best for Kaos, we feel this was his only way forward becasue he was very down with everything, with not being able to freely move around. Kaos was not ready to be PTS, he was and is mentally fine. We are over the moon that we have found this brace for him and he can now move around freely once again. He really does have a new lease of life and is a very happy boy.























              ** Kaos now has his own Facebook group **

    The Kaos (3legs ) Appreciation Society (aka Hia fan Club)

Rounded square

This is the same as the brace Kaos wears

Kaos with his new brace